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Benefits of Teak Furniture

Teak furniture comes in many sizes, shapes and forms and appeals to every lifestyle imaginable. Made from the finest imported teak wood from Indonesia and Myanmar, teak furniture is designed for outdoor living but strong and beautiful enough for indoor living as well. If you are the outdoor type and love to bask in the open air by inviting a few friends over for dinner and cocktails, the new selection of teak furniture will appeal to you. For starters, you have the alloy and teak mixture which screams contemporary and is a hot new item these days.

Great stackable teak furniture, is reminiscent of the old, reliable plastic furniture your parents used to have in their back yard when you were growing up. Those plastic chairs stood the test of time and climate, and still managed to stay in tact for what seemed like forever. Don't forget though, be careful of the really hot days, your seat might literally melt from under you if you could even bear to sit down on it in the hot sun. Although it seems like everyone had some sort of plastic furniture back then, they always lacked the style, comfort and versatility which are main ingredients for everyday living. Have you ever tried dressing plastic furniture with a cushion? It was like trying to put a dress on a rhino ? it just would not work.

With teak furniture, the days of ugly, uncomfortable furniture are long gone. Even as an accent furniture piece, teak furniture will bring look of professional design to any setting. When it is time to clean up, just like the old plastic furniture, teak furniture are stackable or could be folded away in a corner for safe, convenient storage. If you are like most people, you want the look of style but your time is limited. Let's face it, between soccer games and business meetings, most people these days, don't have the time to worry about preserving the beauty of their furniture.

The amazing thing about teak furniture, is that it practically takes care of itself. Teak wood has its own natural oils which preserves the beauty of the wood in the worst conditions. For this reason, teak furniture looks great for a very long time - all the time. Even if you went away on vacation and forgot to put your furniture indoors in the middle of a snow storm, you can rest assure that upon your return, your furniture will be waiting for you with the same beauty and elegance as if you've never left.

Hard to believe - just ask your neighborhood shipbuilder. Teak wood has been the trusted choice for shipbuilders for many centuries. They trust its durability for building boat decks and any other surface where weather resistance is a major concern. Contractors trust teak wood to build beams and other support foundations for many housing structures.

In addition to being durable, teak wood is resistant to termites too. What more could one ask for?.

Christopher Hartwell is author of this article on teak furniture. Find more information about teak furniture here.

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