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Graffiti Tips

Top graffiti tips from the expert!
David Fenton's illegal graffiti'ing days are behind him.

Now he's an aerosol artist and shows kids how to use art positively instead of just messing up bus shelters.

Here are his top tips on making sure yours isn't whack.

  • Can control is everything. It's tough to learn but it means no drips.
  • How do you get thin lines? Pull-back - a light touch on the pressure is the hardest thing to learn but then everything is much easier to do.
  • Not too small. You have to think big with spray paint. Do it on something (preferably a board) at least 8ft by 4 ft.
  • Use bold colours.
  • Don't always use "real" colours. Black hair can always be blue.
  • Tagging used to be called bombing.

  • Piecing means your work as in masterpiece.
  • Shines: these look like stars. You spray a circle then vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines through it.
  • Practice practice practice: otherwise it'll be whack and people will know you're a toy.

Tips to improve your Graffiti recognition
Although Graffiti is fairly easy to learn, it also seems to be everyone's biggest "hurdle" when first starting to use the PalmPilot. While most people pick up the basics within a few days of starting to use Graffiti, there are some letters and characters that for some reason are hard for most people to form or remember.

Aerosol safety and removal
Spray paint usually contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—often highly toxic. Some graffiti artists who regularly work with spray paint develop neurological problems due to overexposure to VOCs. An article from graffiti.org contains more information on the subject and recommends that spray painters wear a filter mask when painting. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) also have protective guidelines for working with spray paint.

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