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Games for Baby Showers

Baby shower games are always a fun way to get everyone together and laughing. It is always fun to see all the things people can come up with and then what everyone bought as well. There are not many women that don't like a good baby shower. If you are going to have a baby or give a baby shower and you are wanting to know some fun games to play here are a few that could make things fun and exciting. Baby shower games are fun and keep everyone laughing. You can do the game where you fill some diapers with things.

Put a blind fold on everyone and pass the diapers around. You can just close the diaper and have everyone sniff and write down their answer on a piece of paper. Once all diapers have been sniffed you can then give the answers and the person with the most correct gets a prize. Stock up on prizes, you may have more than one winner. You can pass a roll of toilet paper around the room. Everyone will tear off the amount that they think will fit around mommy to be.

When everyone is done, they will each one by one see if they have a fit. The close one will win. Again you will need to make sure you have enough prizes. It doesn't have to be big prizes, just some lotions or such will do. It is really just all in fun to see who can get the closes guess. There are many different baby shower games to play, you can even have a guessing game.

What will the baby's name be or something along those lines. It is really fun when the name has been a secret for a while and then everyone guess. If you are still wanting it to be a secret hold that price until the birth. Keep them guessing a little longer.

There are word games as well. Like how many words can you spell out of baby things can you spell out of.and you fill in the word that will be used.

These are fun and funny. You will crack up at the things people come up with. Have those prizes ready for the winners. Having a baby is a fun time in a new mothers life.

Getting together with family and friends before the baby arrives for some fun baby shower games it great. It is a time to share with each other and just laugh. These games are all about that and you are sure to have a great time playing them. Everyone likes a good game and a good laugh. It is good for the soul.

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