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"Bombing" in the graffiti world refers to the act of vandalising property with one's signature or logo. "Bombing"-type graffiti can manifest itself in many different forms, but always happens illegally.

  • Tag: The simplest and earliest form of modern graffiti, a tag consists of a stylised signature - commonly executed with spray-paint or markers.
  • Throw-up: The throw-up involves the execution of one's name in large bubble-like letters. Throw-up design emphasises fast and easy painting.
  • Block letters: Different names apply to this style of lettering according to where one comes from, but in general it refers to large, angular, easily-read characters
  • Piece: Commonly refers to the complicated letter styles characteristic of graffiti art. Bombers execute pieces illegally, and usually with the least amount of decorum possible.
  • Rollers: Graffiti done with paint rollers. Usually very large. Often done by leaning over the edge of a building and painting one's name, logo, etc.
  • Other: A lot of bombers have come to use logos, characters or other types of designs to represent themselves.
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