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Love tests and dating kisses

So, you planned a lot for your date, and all went well. However, when the time came to say goodnight, you were unsure about whether to call him up for coffee or to keep that for next time. Likewise, you being the guy didn't know how to say goodnight- should a handshake suffice, a peck on the cheek or what? The answer lies in what you are looking for. Are you using a date as an excuse to get a one-night stand or is this a serious hunt for a lifetime partner? If it is the former, then drop hints all through out the conversation, which are flirtatious in nature. Unless your date is blind, he/she will know what you are hinting about.

Depending on his/her nature, you will get the desired reaction. If he/she is thinking on the same love lines as you are, then nothing stops you to making the move. But if your hints and flirting has only made the situation more uncomfortable, and your date is looking embarrassed, then apologize immediately. You do not have to go out on a second date with this person, but do not ruin it when you are in the middle of your first. If a nightcap is the last thing on your mind, then ensure that the conversation does not involve any other suggestions.

It would only make you or your date more uncomfortable. However, if your date is thinking otherwise and you are not up to it, there is nothing wrong with saying no. It is better to come clean on such an issue than to have a second meaningless date. But if the other person is serious about 'the one'' too, and is moving in the same direction, then congratulations. Because chances are that you will be meeting again. Everything about love seems commercialized today.

Probably no other emotion has been so promoted as love itself. The very idea of falling in love has been sold time and time again. There is supposedly no worse heartbreak a person can go through then the ache one feels of loving and losing. Moreover, there is always a fear of 'what if things don't work out?' Not to worry. It is to find out how compatible you and your love really are, and what are the chances of you both working out, that websites now have quizzes and tests that you can take.

But of course be warned that there are two kinds of tests too. The first is usually just for fun, and doesn't really mean anything, because it is all to be taken in good humor and usually doesn't tell you anything in particular. It is the second kind of test that is found in magazines and other circulations which are more likely to reveal things you maybe weren't aware about you and your relationship.

The idea behind such a test is that, when you read the question and see the four answers that are there, you are less likely to think hard about it and simply be spontaneous and circle what answer you feel is appropriate for you. So, the lesser you think, the more truthful you actually are. Most often, there will be a psychologist who will reveal the reasons behind every answer you tick. So take a break and have fun doing a quiz today.

Not only would you have lots of fun doing it, but you are very likely to learn something about yourself and your relationships too! Get famous love quotes.

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