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Studying At Home Economics Play a Role

Studies show that youth that whose families income is in the lowest 20 percentile are six times more likely to leave school without finishing their diploma than those whose families income are in the highest 20 percent. When it comes to education, economics can most certainly play a role. Many of those interviewed cited the reason for their leaving school as the need for them to contribute to the household income, simply for survival. For these students, the desire was to remain in school, yet they were unable to do so.

Jack Spencer was one such student from Boston who found himself leaving high school at the beginning of the 12th grade in order to help his mother supplement the family income and to help rear his younger brother and sister. Once he had established himself as a plumbing apprentice, Jack decided that it was time to finish his education, so that he could move up in his current position. I was told by my boss that while I was a great worker, and a solid employee, he wasnt able to give me further responsibilities because it required a higher level of Math than I had.

He also stated that the company preferred to promote employees with a high school diploma, which I did not have. I decided to do some research on the internet and that is how I found out that I could do one better than attaining a GED, that I could work from home and attain my diploma. I was finished in less than six months, and was promoted not long after. At Citizens School we understand this reality that afflicts one out of each hundred students who begin their high school education, but are unable to finish. That is why we keep our tuition and supply costs very low, so that it is attainable by virtually everyone who wishes to continue their disrupted education. In addition, the difference between attaining your diploma from home, attaining it through school, is that you are able to maintain a full time job while studying, rather than going to school full time, and working part time.

That way, you are still able to work the same amount of hours that your household requires, while still attaining the education that you know will improve your employability. The best part is that you are able to do so, at your own speed, with guidance from our tutors and will online help to get you motivated, answer your questions, and relieve your anxieties. At any age, Citizens School is able to help you attain your goals of achieving the education you want, while not disruption your current work schedule. As well, we are able to offer you payment assistance, such as a flexible payment schedule so that you dont feel the brunt of paying the bulk of our already low tuition all in one hit.

If you need more information visit http://www.citizenschool.com to learn about Home Schooling GED and a High School Diploma or if you prefer phone 1-800-736-GRAD (4723) or email studentservices@citizenschool.com. Internet Marketing done by Crackmarketing.com.

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