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Whats So Special About A Handbag

Aside from being a great help in managing all the things you need to carry around, a handbag is a great accessory. Whether you are dressing up or down, a handbag can help an outfit come together. It used to be that you always wanted your handbag to match your outfit. If you were wearing pink, you used your pink handbag. If you were wearing green you used your green handbag.

If you only had a brown handbag and a black one, you knew that putting a brown handbag with an outfit that has black in it was a fashion no no. Today the fashion world is changing. Now it is almost better not to match. Adding a green handbag to a pink outfit adds style and color, especially when there are no other colors but pink in your outfit. Of course even though you want to mix up colors, it still isn't fashionable to put black and brown together.

Those two will always be enemies. What Types of Handbags Are Out There? There are many kinds of handbags to choose from. Typically the handbags that you use should be based on whether you will be dressing up or down with it. When you are going out to a nice restaurant and want to dress up, take along a small strapless handbag. You don't want something big and bulky, because that doesn't send a message of elegance. Other than choosing a small strapless handbag for an evening out, you also want a nice style for your handbag.

A shiny leather handbag can look great, but if you really want something dressy get one that is made out of a fabric with jewels sewn in. When looking for something for work, a handbag with a strap might be more practical. There are handbags made from different types of material that will look great for nice work attire, but my favorite is something leather. If you want a handbag for when you are going casual, you have tons of options. A handbag made with a tough fabric or casual leather can be fun. There are so many great designs out there right now for the casual handbag.

You can get one with big buckles on it, long or short straps, etc. A Handbag Defines a Woman's Outfit A handbag defines a woman's outfit, and adds the finishing touches that all women enjoy having to contribute to an attractive and stylish appearance. Having the proper bag for most women is as important as having the proper pair of shoes, wearing the right dress, having appropriate earrings, or any other type of jewelry or accessory. In fact, accessorizing a person's appearance through use of the right bag is something that most women learn at a very early age and it is a lesson that sticks with them for a lifetime of fashion consciousness. A young woman for instance may decide that a shoulder style handbag is more appropriate for her looks and her lifestyle than some of the more formal bags that older women wear. Many times young women carry bags that are quilted or made of denim fabric.

Others prefer a handbag made of leather or another material that is water resistant. The choices are many, and no one type of handbag is more right than any other as it comes down to personal preference. Bags Change with Age When a woman becomes more mature the type and style of handbag she carries is still quite important, but the style will probably change. A career minded woman will want to carry a bag that is practical and businesslike, and yet still feminine.

Many times a woman will carry a leather bag made by a well-known designer. Some will go for a retro looking handbag, others a replica handbag that resembles the designer bag. Still others will go for top quality in a bag preferring a name like Gucci to some of the handbags that are perceived to be less stylish. Whatever handbag a woman chooses to carry, the choice is an individual one. Picking the handbag that is right for her is a woman's prerogative.

Men, when choosing gifts for women should keep in mind the types of bags they have seen the woman carry in the past. When in doubt it is always wise for a man to ask another woman, perhaps the sales person in the store, for advice on choosing the right bag. A Skilled sales person can get an idea of a person's lifestyle and help choose the proper bag. Whatever the choice made happens to be, a handbag is an individual accessory, but all women carry them.

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